The World's Fastest Modular Execution Layer

Delivering maximum security and the highest flexible throughput

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What is fuel

The fastest execution layer for modular blockchains

Blockchains are moving away from a monolithic design, where consensus, data availability, and execution are tightly coupled. The future is modular, where execution is separated from data availability and consensus (e.g. tomorrow's Eth2, or Celestia). This separation allows for specialization at the base layer, delivering a significant increase in bandwidth capacity. At Fuel we are building the fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack.

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Maximum Security and Highest Flexible Throughput. How?

There are three central pillars to Fuel’s technology stack

Parallel transaction execution

Fuel delivers unmatched processing capacity through its ability to execute transactions in parallel by using strict state access lists in the form of a UTXO model. This enables Fuel to use far more threads and cores of your CPU that are typically idle in single-threaded blockchains. As a result, Fuel can deliver far more compute, state accesses, and transactional throughput than its single-threaded counterparts.

Fuel Virtual Machine (FuelVM)

Designed to reduce wasteful processing of traditional blockchain virtual machine architectures, while vastly increasing the potential design space for developers. The design learns from the mistakes of the past and insights from years of production blockchains.

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Sway Language

Fuel provides a powerful and sleek developer experience with our own domain-specific language, called Sway, and a supportive toolchain, called Forc. Our development environment retains the benefits of smart contract languages like Solidity, while adopting the paradigms introduced in the Rust tooling ecosystem.

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Why Modular Execution?

A blockchain like no other layer-1 or layer-2.

Monolithic Blockchains

Monolithic layer-1s don't separate execution from consensus, settlement and data layers, constraining the total bandwidth available.

Modular Execution Layers

Modular Execution Layers are designed for high-bandwidth modular blockchains and can better capitalize on high shared data availability.


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